Spent my entire self-alloted hour and thirty on FB being appalled by the rampant racism. Timely enough, today I have some fresh tincture to make: Scullllllcaaaap (Scutellaria lateriflora, Scullcap, Mad-Dog Scullcap). I use this stuff every. single. day. and I may need some EXTRA (gallons). It’s great for helping with sensory processing, restlessness, agitation…y’all might wanna check it out. Should be fresh tinctured for full potency. It is native to this continent, but not to this area. Easily grown where it can get plenty of water and a little bit of shade.

I have two varieties growing in the yard and I’d love to share both with you. One is the medical variety we use and is more reserved in appearance. The other is native to the Driftless. That one looks like a nursery variety with it’s showy blooms. It surprises me that more folks don’t sell it. I’ll have to plant some for sale, because, well, jussssssst look at this beauty…

And here are the medicinal, lateriflora, and the native, ovata, growing side by side…

Both of these lovely plants are in the mint, or, Lamiaceae family, but they are one of the mints that don’t smell.

The foremost being lateriflora, the one with flowers showing, ovata, the regionally native.

And here is the lateriflora I will harvest for my fresh tincture. Scullcap likes to be tinctured fresh or she will lose potency.

So, off I go to make my tincture. It will help me deal with the chaos and agitation I feel by focusing my thoughts and dampening all the distraction. A focused mind can work to help people and that’s where I can direct my energy best.

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