Driftless Wild provides quality plant education in the Dubuque and Galena area. Plant Walks, Plant Talks, Herb Camps and Workshops in Herbalism, Garden Design, including Permaculture, and Natural Arts and Crafts, move along at a fun pace with an excellent fun to lecture ratio (because who wants to sit and listen for THAT long, right?!). Adults and children alike can learn the herb lore of Traditional Western, Ayurvedic and native Midwestern plants to help our bodies maintain balance and wellness.

Tamara Ambroz, Clinical Herbalist, has been studying herbalism for the past decade with heavy emphasis on our local, indigenous plants and the medicinal and nutritional benefits they provide. She is a former student of Lola Stonehill, Clinical Herbalist of Madison, WI and is presently advancing study with David Winston, RH, AHG. Tamara possesses a deep understanding of the importance of having a connection with our natural world. Drawing from Traditional Western Herbalism and Ayurveda, she has a wide range working knowledge of the uses of many plants to help balance our bodies and minds as well as a high level of knowledge of growing, harvesting and preparing herbs for use. She offers herbal consultation, custom formulations and a variety of products to help you in your wellness journey.

Tamara Ambroz is located in Galena, IL and is available to teach throughout the Driftless.